Dr. Ruthie Halberstadt

Ice sheets & climate

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My research integrates geologic data and numerical models to reconstruct Antarctic climate and ice sheet dynamics across many different time periods, including past warm periods (tens of millions of years ago), the last glacial cycle (tens of thousands of years ago), the satellite era (historical observations), and into the future (decades to millennia from now). I use geologic data – for example, drill cores, preserved glacial landforms, other paleo-environmental reconstructions, satellite records, and more – to inform numerical models, which in turn provide spatial context for these geologic records.

I am building a research group at UT-Austin (beginning fall 2024) and currently accepting graduate students. If you are interested in investigating past and present ice sheet dynamics using numerical modeling techniques, please contact me to determine if we are research-compatible.

Contact: arhalberstadt@gmail.com.